Expert hand sanitiser products to help combat infection in the workplace.

Clarisafe hand gel sanitiser products offer an innovative solution to hand sanitising and infection control in the workplace.
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Clarisafe is the new hand hygiene brand from ClarityVM.
Our hand hygiene systems combine clear, visual communication to ensure the solutions provide simple and effective use in any workplace setting. Clarisafe therefore ensures infection control is at the heart of your business - visible, fast and affordable.
Clarisafe is the new hand hygiene brand from ClarityVM. With years of visual management expertise, ClarityVM developed Clarisafe to offer clients innovative hand sanitising solutions with clear visual guidance.

Clarisafe products have been implemented in businesses across the globe, and from sectors including education, retail, transport and manufacturing.

The Clarisafe Product Range

Clarisafe Auto Hand Sanitiser Station
Innovatively connects to your entry system to ensure no sanitised hands, no access
Clarisafe Mobile Sanitiser Dispenser
Hand sanitising moved to exactly where it is required
Clarisafe Wall Mounted Sanitiser Dispenser
Wall fixed solutions for clear, simple & always visible hand sanitisation
Clarisafe Snap Hand Gel Sachets
The right amount of hand gel, in a single use sachet. Just snap to use


Proud to work with…

I Just wanted to take time out to thank you all at ClarityVM for your support in these difficult and unprecedented times, both my staff and I are finding the newly installed sanitising stations which have been located at key points around the depot an invaluable asset and a great addition in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Well done Team Clarity!