Guarantee Compliance with the Clarisafe Auto Hand Sanitisation Station

With government guidelines heavily focusing on hand sanitiser as a means of preventing the spread of coronavirus, we’re proud to introduce the Clarisafe Auto Hand Sanitisation Station.

With government guidelines heavily focusing on hand sanitiser as a means of preventing the spread of coronavirus, we’re proud to introduce the Clarisafe Auto Hand Sanitisation Station. A dedicated brand created by ClarityVM, the Clarisafe range is specifically designed to combine visual communication with the foolproof application of high-quality hand sanitiser within a variety of working environments.

How does it work?

The sanitisation station is a very clever piece of equipment that will ensure consistency and compliance across your work premises. The system only allows an individual to gain entry to the site once their hands have been sterilised, guaranteeing that everyone within the building is doing their bit to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.  

You simply place your hands into the station and four automated nozzles spray the perfect amount of hand sanitiser onto both sides. The system is designed for maximum surface coverage using the minimum volume of product, which means that you achieve top results alongside low running costs.

The station can also be connected to an entry system such as a turnstile and only grants access once the staff member or visitor has sterilised their hands. It really couldn’t be simpler or more effective!

Where can it be used?    

Any premises that have high footfall will greatly benefit from a Clarisafe Auto Hand Sanitisation Station, ranging from warehouses, factories and large corporate premises, to transportation hubs, educational organisations and retail units. However, many other types of businesses also want to enhance their levels of health and wellbeing, so we happily work with even the smallest companies to keep their surroundings compliant.

Time is of the essence

We appreciate that you can’t waste valuable company time with slow, confusing and clunky systems, which is why the Clarisafe Auto Hand Sanitisation Station has speed integrated at its very core.

The system instantly responds to an individual placing their hands within the slots by applying the hand sanitiser and communicating with your entry system. As a result, the station can process up to 30 people per minute, making it ideal for even the busiest environments.  

Protect your staff

We all know that hand sanitisation is one of the most important and effective methods for slowing the spread of COVID-19. By installing a Clarisafe Auto Hand Sanitisation Station in your workplace, you’re ticking all the right boxes when it comes to health, safety and government guidelines.

But the benefits don’t end there, as the Clarisafe system also makes teams and visitors feel more protected and valued, which goes a long way to maintaining and improving employee wellbeing, staff morale and public trust. In the process, the system can significantly reduce sickness, which pays for itself. In fact, one Clarisafe customer reported a drop from 2.2% to 0.5% in absenteeism, which is an incredible return on investment.


The term “biosecurity” has been around since the 1990s but only in the last few months has it become so relevant to all types of businesses. Taking the form of measures and procedures designed to protect people against harmful substances and viruses, biosecurity has never been easier to integrate into daily operations thanks to our wide range of Clarisafe products, with our Auto Hand Sanitisation Station being a key player in the fight against coronavirus.

Join the Clarisafe revolution

No matter what the size of your business or the sector it operates in, Clarisafe is here to keep it safe and healthy. To find out more, email us at or call 01482 296451.