Protect Your Staff from Coronavirus

Clarisafe was launched by ClarityVM with the core mission of helping businesses and individuals to protect themselves against the spread of coronavirus.

Clarisafe was launched by ClarityVM with the core mission of helping businesses and individuals to protect themselves against the spread of coronavirus. Antibacterial hygiene has become the norm and we expect it to continue far into the future, so our innovative products are designed to keep people safe, healthy and productive.

Clarisafe single-use sachets

Whilst our sanitiser dispensers and Auto Hand Sanitisation Station are the perfect addition to any workplace, what about when a member of staff is out and about, visiting a client or even just enjoying lunch? Carrying hand sanitiser with you at all times is crucial, which is why we’ve created an innovative single-use sachet.

How do they work?

The single-use sachet boasts a robust design that stops it from rupturing or leaking whilst being carried. Meanwhile, it’s very easy to open when needed, making it a very convenient solution.

Simply bend the sachet in half to access the single dose of antibacterial gel and apply it to your hands. The dose is 1.5ml, which is the perfect amount without resulting in wastage.

Powerful antibacterial properties

Our hand sanitiser gel has been developed by pharmaceutical experts to kill 99.9% of bacteria, all while being kind to the skin. Once you’ve rubbed it over your hands, the gel dries very quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky residue, making it highly effective.

Suitable for all kinds of businesses

Whether your business takes the form of an office, retail space, manufacturing plant, healthcare facility, transportation hub, hospitality venue or anything else, Clarisafe single-use sachets are ideally suited to the needs of your staff.

Reduce employee absence

When a member of staff falls ill in general, your business temporarily loses an asset. If they contract coronavirus, it becomes even more serious and complex, as you have to do everything in your power to ensure a quick recovery and the protection of your wider workforce.

Keeping our single-use sachets in stock at all times is a powerful method of maintaining high levels of employee health and safety, which aside from being a responsible practice also pays for itself through reduced absenteeism.

Protect wellbeing

There’s a lot of fear and anxiety surrounding coronavirus, which can affect a company’s daily operations even when staff are healthy. Many employees are understandably wary of the virus spreading and the possibility of it affecting them, so it’s crucial that you put their minds at ease and give them what they need to remain in excellent health.

By distributing our single-use sachets to your staff, you’re showing that you care about their wellbeing and equipping them with around-the-clock protection. When you make it clear that each team member is truly valued by the company, you’re investing in ongoing productivity and the upkeep of staff morale.

Feedback from a satisfied customer

Torrent is making full use of our hand sanitiser products and had this to say about their effectiveness: “Just wanted to take time out to thank you all at ClarityVM for your support in these difficult and unprecedented times, both my staff and I are finding the newly installed sanitising stations which have been located at key points around the depot an invaluable asset and a great addition in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Well done Team Clarity!”

Achieve biosecurity with Clarisafe

Our wide range of hand sanitisation products will keep your workflow strong and your staff fighting fit. To find out more, email us at or call 01482 296451.